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Antur Teifi - Supporting Businesses in Wales

Antur Teifi is an independent company which inspires, develops and supports enterprises and individuals to achieve their personal and business goals.

The roots of the company are firmly in the Teifi Valley area. Antur Teifi was originally established in 1979 to assist the development of the local economy in this region. Today Antur Teifi is still an integral part of the local area. The organisation is also well known throughout Wales and beyond and as a trusted provider of services directly to businesses or via Government contracts.

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As a long-established Enterprise Agency, we are acutely aware of the issues faced by entrepreneurs and businesses and therefore we are keen to provide support to enable them to compete in an ever changing marketplace. Due to our established reputation clients naturally look to us for a range of core services, which are broadly segmented into:

If you’re starting a new business or already trading, Antur Teifi has a team of specialists who can assist you with your business ideas and aspirations. We deliver services directly to business or through our Government contracts.

Trac Employment Support

Recruitment Support
Looking for new staff? Limited experience of recruiting? Wage costs stopping you from recruiting? Trac provides a free service that can help you recruit the right candidate for your business.

Specialist Services
We provide specialist services to businesses of all sizes. Working with a group of quality assured partners and associates our specialist services include Marketing & communications, ICT Support & technology and Staff recruitment.

Specialist business services

As an organisation our primary aim is to identify your individual needs and signpost you to the relevant services both internally and externally. Many of the services which we provide are delivered in partnership with organisations and communities in the area.

Furnished Offices to Rent in Cardigan & Newcastle Emlyn

• 2 Offices
• £238.33 a month each (no Vat) or £55 per week
• 2 desks in each office

Newcastle Emlyn
Office 1
• 1 desk
• £282.10 excl Vat a month (£338.52 incl Vat) or £65.10 per week

Office 2
• Two rooms
• Room 1. 2 desks
• Room 2. 1 desk
• £338.42 excl Vat a month(£406.10 incl Vat) or £78.10 per week

Costs not including:
• Telephone*
• Broadband*
*available through Telemat

The offices are leased with a 6 months licence and require a 6 week notice of termination.

Please contact us on 01239 710238 or

Did you know?

  • Antur Teifi is a social enterprise - a business set up to give social benefit to the areas in which it operates.
  • Antur Teifi is a business, not a public body
  • We have a proven track record in providing support for businesses and individuals to improve the way they work.
  • Antur Teifi has helped communities to prosper and respond to challenges, we invest our time and resources into helping the communities in which we work.
  • Antur Teifi is owned by shareholders who have the interests of their communities at heart. People from these communities help to run it.
  • Our shareholders do not profit individually from this investment but have agreed that any surpluses should be reinvested in the company to promote prosperity in the area.
Our mission

To be a successful social enterprise that helps individuals and businesses develop and grow, and through this help communities to prosper.