Antur Teifi as a Social Enterprise

Neither shareholders or board members take a financial dividend from the company’s activities.

We are a social enterprise owned by shareholders in the community. They do not profit individually from this investment but have agreed that any surpluses should be re-invested in the company to maintain the high standards we offer and in projects to promote prosperity in the area.

Our efforts are geared to meet the needs of businesses to which we deliver our services.

When the company was founded the following core objects were drawn up to support the work of Antur Teifi in the community:

  • To foster and encourage the establishment of businesses and organisations
  • To share information and give advice to businesses and enterprises
  • To commission research surveys and studies
  • To work with or become members of societies or organisations who support our aims

Antur Teifi is a Registered Society under the C0-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the registering authority.

Any changes to rules and governance of the organisation need to be approved by shareholders at either the AGM or an EGM.

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