1. Who we are and what we do

Antur Teifi is an independent company which inspires, develops and supports enterprises which have the potential to create prosperity and success in the local economy.

The roots of the company are firmly in the Teifi Valley area and the company was originally established in order to assist the development of the local economy. By now, the name is well known throughout West Wales and beyond, and is associated with the delivery of a high level of innovative actions.

We are a social enterprise, which is owned by shareholders in the community. They do not profit individually from this investment but have agreed that any surpluses should be re-invested in the company to promote prosperity in the area and to maintain the high standard of services we offer for the benefit of the community.


2. Objects of the Organisation

The Objects of Antur Teifi (at its inception) were set as follows:

  1. Fostering, encouraging establishment of business and organisations
  2. Information and advice to business and enterprises
  3. Commission research surveys and studies
  4. Work with or become members of societies or organisations who support our aims
  5. Other activities that deliver the objects and well-being of the area we work in

Objects 1- 5 are described as Core Objects

3. Long Term Vision

The Long Term Vision for Antur Teifi is one where the organisation is delivering a strong commercial portfolio of services within

  • Business Advice and Support
  • IT Support and Services
  • Employment Services
  • Marketing, Market Research Stakeholder Communications and Consultation

We do this, with no geographic boundaries, but especially in Wales, through:

  • Our companies that provide commercial IT, Marketing and Payroll support services
  • Business support, employment and communications services through Government and public sector contracts.

We also carry out activity to support the economy in the Teifi Valley and surrounding areas.

4. Who runs Antur Teifi?


Anyone over 16 years who supports the objectives of Antur Teifi and resides in or has resided or worked in the Teifi Valley or its neighbourhood can apply to become a shareholder. A member on payment of £1, is entitled to one share only within the organisation. The Board of Antur Teifi will consider all applications.

At the AGM in September the company reports on its activities for the previous financial year (April to March). Shareholders attending these meetings can influence the future direction of Antur Teifi.

Antur Teifi is registered under Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 (I&PS) which are governed by the FSA. A set of rules have been established to ensure delivery of the organisation’s activities are in line with IPS regulations. Any changes to rules and governance of the organisation need to be approved by shareholders at either the AGM or an EGM.

Becoming a shareholder enables the individual to be nominated as a board member of the organisation.


Shareholder’s application form
Click here to download an application from to apply to become a shareholder.


The Board is responsible for establishing the strategic objectives of the company for the year; evaluate outputs and financial performance. They meet quarterly with special additional business planning meetings as required.

The board members are made up from the shareholders but also include 1 councillor member each from Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire County Councils and the Managing Director of the company.

Board members including the Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually at the AGM.

 Management Team

The Management Team consists of the organisation’s managers and is chaired by the Managing Director. The management team is responsible for the development of the business plan and all aspects of delivery to achieve the organisation’s Strategic Objectives and its Mission Statement.


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