Where we began

Antur Teifi was founded in 1979 to assist the development of the local economy of the Teifi Valley.

The roots of the company are firmly in the Teifi Valley area.  European money was all important in those early years and our aim was to ensure that the rural and predominantly Welsh-speaking communities of the west got their share of those European funds to enable the economy to respond to the challenges it faced.

The main focus at the time was bottom-up business and cottage industries with innovation being a key driver in our approach to spur economic development. Putting a brake on the drift of young people out of the area was also important to us and so providing them with the opportunity to help themselves was a priority.

Amongst the household names today of businesses established in those early years are Golwg the Welsh-medium journalism and publishing company set up in 1988 and our own IT support company Telemat set up in 1996. The firm foundation on which it was based over 35 years ago has ensured that Antur Teifi has  continued to develop and grow and has enabled us to extend our activities outside of the Teifi Valley.

Today Antur Teifi is recognised as a trusted deliverer of business support services to thousands of businesses throughout Wales.

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