Market Intelligence

Antur Teifi’s market research team at Perspectif Provide insight, understanding and market intelligence so that you can start to unlock opportunities for growth.

Marketing Communications

The heart of your business success lies in communicating effectively with your customers.  Antur Teifi’s specialist Marketing and Communications team Canta can help you identify the right message for the right audience.

Business Finance

Raising the funds to kick-start a business can often be a barrier to developing good ideas. Antur Teifi’s Business Solutions team can help you identify ways of accessing finance.

Business Planning

If you’re starting a new business or already trading, Antur Teifi’s Business Solutions can assist you with your business ideas and aspirations. We deliver services directly to business or through our Government contracts.

IT Services

Innovation is the word which can be attributed to  Antur Teifi’s  IT support for businesses. Telemat can help sort out all of your IT issues, making sure your systems are reliable and secure, so you can get on with your business.

Employment Services

Antur Teifi’s team at Trac Employment Services can help take the stress out of running a business. We have employment support centres throughout Mid & South West Wales with experienced advisers who can answer all your questions.



This is also available in: Welsh