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Our ability and commitment to help businesses prosper is as important today as it was when we first started in 1979.

What we do.




Provide Solutions

If you’re starting a new business or already trading, Antur Teifi’s Business Solutions can assist you with your business ideas and aspirations. We deliver services directly to business or through our Government contracts.

Build a Better Business

If you’re a start-up, a business owner or a manager of a business or other organisation of any size, we can help you with your business needs. From finding new customers to accessing funding and business planning, we can help from the start and be part of your success in business. Start your journey with us here with a FREE Business snapshot

Business Finance

Access to finance can often be a barrier to developing good ideas.  We have recently expanded our portfolio of financial services in order to offer an extended range of finance solutions for start-up to growth businesses to address individual needs.

Business Planning and Market Research

We offer businesses tailored market research solutions that will enable you to identify your customers, competitors and future opportunities so that you can start to unlock opportunities and maximise potential for growth.

IT Services

Telemat has been providing IT support to businesses across Wales for over 20 years.  From start-ups to established companies, charities to public-sector organisations, Telemat delivers affordable technical support and solutions  to suit your needs

Consultation and Communications

Canta is a member of the Consultation Institute. Proper consultation is a key requirement for public bodies and those delivering public contracts. We keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge on Consultation regulation, good practice and techniques, so that we can guide you to choose the right consultation methods appropriate to your need.


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