Antur Teifi Complaints Policy for Start Up Loans

The below information sets out the complaints process to be followed by third parties of Antur Teifi who believe they have a grievance with Antur Teifi or the Startup Loan Company (SULCo)

Antur Teifi is committed to ensuring that all complaints are investigated fully and impartially and with due consideration for confidentiality. Our complaints policy is clear and transparent and we aim to treat customers fairly.

How Can I Submit My Complaint?

Once a customer has expressed that they wish to make a formal complaint, they will be asked to put their complaint in writing and post or email it to the following details:

By email to:

 Contact David Bannister

By post to: David Bannister

 Antur Teifi, Antur Teifi Business Park, Aberarad

Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9BD

Any complaint made under this policy should include:

  • Contact details of the Complainant (including postal and e-mail address).
  • The subject of the complaint.
  • Information and evidence regarding the alleged breach.

Anonymous complaints will not normally be accepted but may be investigated where possible and will be acted upon at the Company’s discretion. Complaints should also be made within three months of the Complainant becoming aware of the grounds for a complaint.

How We Will Handle Complaints

As soon as a complaint has been received, we will aim to acknowledge receipt within 3 working days.  We will also clearly state that a final response will be communicated to the Complainant within 8 weeks from receipt of the complaint. A date will be given in the acknowledgment.

If the details of the complaint are not clear and concise and there is ambiguity about what the subject matter is, the Complainant will be asked to clarify the points of their complaint before the investigation can start.

At this stage, we will also ask the Complainant to provide any supporting evidence they wish us to take into consideration when investigating the complaint. Should it be quite clear at this stage, that the complaint being made is a matter for the Start Up Loan Company to assess and action through their own complaints process initially, the Complainant will be asked to contact SULCo to register their complaint.

Where the customer is making a Subject Access Request (SAR), as part of their complaint. This will be treated in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Officer Guidelines.

We will promptly acknowledge and fulfil the request within 40 days. Where a customer is in arrears and the loan has been outsourced to an external agency to collect, any complaint made here which relates to the original activity between Antur Teifi and the Complainant, it will be dealt with by SULCo.


Complaints Policy Resolving Complaints Stage 1- Formal Response: The complaint will be handled by one of the Investigating Officers and any further evidence submitted by the complainant will be taken on board during the investigation. Once a complaint has been fully investigated, a formal response will be communicated to the Complainant. The Complainant will also be advised that they have the right to approach the Financial Ombudsman (FOS) and register their complaint regardless of the outcome. A FOS complaints leaflet will also posted to the customer. The above formal response will be carried out within the first four weeks of receiving the complaint. The Complainant will be given the chance to progress their complaint to SULCo Complaints Panel if they are not satisfied with the decision in our formal response. Stage 2 – Complaints Panel: If the Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of our formal response, their complaint will be Forwarded to SULCo. They have a Complaints Panel that will be made up of SULCo employees however, if there is a need to bring on board an external mediator due to the nature of the complaint, they will also form part of the Panel. The Panel will be chaired by the Investigating Officer. All the evidence provided by the Complainant and any other relevant party (e.g. Antur Teifi) will be considered. The outcome of the Panel will then be communicated to the complainant within 8 weeks of their initial complaint. If at this point the Complainant is still not satisfied with the outcome of the Complaints Panel, they will need to lodge their complaint with FOS within six months of the date of the last response. Details on how to do this will have already been communicated in the initial formal response. Financial Ombudsman Service The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS ) will accept any complaint that has been through our formal complaints process as long as the Complainant registers their complaint within 6 months of the date of our response. This could be either at stage 1 or stage 2 of our process. Additional Information The above procedure seeks to create a positive approach to complaints and treat customers fairly. The complaints policy will be published on a publicly accessible website – Start Up Loans. Start Up Loans will keep copies of documents generated as a result of the complaint and record of any action taken. Except where prohibited or protected by applicable law, the finding of the complaint will be made available to a Competent Authority e.g. Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) on request. Complaint records will be kept on file for a three year period in order to comply with the FCA requirements.  Antur Teifi will co‐operate with any official investigations and request for information from the relevant authorities. Antur Teifi will take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of finding such a violation or unlawful behaviour. The procedure does not confer any contractual rights. The Policy and Procedure may be subject to revision from time to time. Antur Teifi will not reimburse any fees, expenses or cost involved in bringing a complaint to our attention. We are providing a free service for customers to register their complaint. Complaints Not Covered By The Policy This complaints policy cannot be used to deal with an issue which is part of any legal action against the Start Up Loans. This complaints policy cannot be used by an employee. Any specific complaints made by employees should be directed through the relevant internal grievance policy and procedure. Antur Teifi reserves the right to take any appropriate action to protect itself from any unfounded, malicious or vexatious allegations or complaints. Untrue allegations could lead to legal action for defamation. Nothing in this policy should be interpreted to restrict any rights of redress the Complainant has in law.

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