Market Research

As part of Antur Teifi, Perspectif will give you practical insights into the trends that are driving consumer behaviour so that you can start to unlock opportunities for growth.

Why is Market Research Important?

It has become apparent from previous research that many businesses do not have sufficient confidence or knowledge of how to conduct market research. Market research is often seen as being resource heavy and time consuming. However it is important that businesses determine whether there is demand for the product/service before bringing it to the market place. Lack of market research can lead to financial difficulties and product/service failure. Perspectif tries to combat this problem by providing businesses with vital tools to enhance individuals’ knowledge and conduct effective market research, ensuring businesses remain competitive

How we can help

We help you understand your market and give you the key building blocks you need to build a successful business.  We analyse market intelligence from a range of sources including world-leading insights from Mintel.

Perspectif employs market analysts, who will assess the available market data and customer trends in order to inform your future business and marketing strategies.

Our aim is to provide businesses with the level of market research they need to create an informed decision.

Types of research Perspectif could offer your business:

  • Primary & Secondary data
  • Customer profiling
  • Internal & external analysis and diagnostic
  • Survey creation, implementation and analysis
  • Questionnaire creation, distribution and collating
  • Focus group


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