Marketing Communications

The heart of your business success lies in communicating effectively with your customers. As part of Antur Teifi, Canta is a company that is focused on providing marketing solutions designed to achieve results that are central to your business objectives. We specialise in supporting businesses across Wales and beyond with their marketing strategies from brand development through to marketing material design.

Our proactive approach helps you achieve successful communication with your audiences. We do this by getting to know your business and understand the environment in which you operate. Knowing how to use messaging correctly using a variety of integrated marketing methods is key to running a successful campaign and getting people to pay attention.

Whatever your needs, our specialist bilingual team will deliver a cost effective bespoke solution.


Consultation Services

Consultation is the dynamic process of dialogue between individuals or groups, based upon a genuine exchange of views with the objective of influencing decision, policies or programmes of action”.  The Consultation Institute.

Canta is also a member of the Consultation Institute. Proper consultation is a key requirement for public bodies and those delivering public contracts. Such is the strength of the consultation culture, organisations cannot afford to neglect these aspects of communication.

We keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge on Consultation regulation, good practice and techniques, so that we can guide you to choose the right consultation methods appropriate to your needs.

If it must be done at all, consultation should be done properly.


Canta Consultation and Communications

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