Beacon River Music

Hitting the right note with a Start Up Loan

Music enthusiasts Vaughan and Suzy Rees decided to start their business – Beacon Rivers Music and Publishing Ltd. – in order to turn an idea which had they been working on into reality.

“In The Still Of The Night” is a creative narrative based around the story of Christmas with fourteen original songs written and composed by the couple.

“We wanted to produce a high quality DVD of the songs so that we could pitch the idea to television companies at home and abroad” said Vaughan. With the Start Up Loan we were able to purchase the best recording and filming equipment in order to achieve this”.

Working alongside them, Dave Berry provides the technical expertise and knowledge of sound recording which they hope will ensure the success of the project.

Thanks to the Start Up Loan “In The Still Of The Night” may very soon see the light of day.


This is also available in: Welsh