Welsh Language Policy

Antur Teifi’s aim is to follow good practice under the Welsh Language Act 1993 and this policy applies to all our business activities. When new organisational policies, practices or initiatives are introduced we will make sure they facilitate and further what we promise to do in this Policy.

We have adopted the Welsh Language Act principle that the Welsh and English languages should be treated on a basis of equality. Both languages will enjoy the same status and validity.
This Policy sets out the steps we are taking to implement that principle in our work.
In dealing with our clients and other customers, we are trying to:

  • adopt the same aims and professional standards in providing a service in Welsh and in English, valtrex wherever possible,
  • enable our customers, wherever possible, to use Welsh as freely as English in dealing with us, and ensure that clients are informed up-front that they have a choice of language when seeking information and advice,
  • make our clients aware of the need to consider the use of Welsh in the businesses they are setting up or developing.

We are taking this commitment seriously, and adopting a pro-active approach to language choice in our services, wherever possible. In contact with customers, this means being upfront in offering language choice, and trying our best to deliver it. This will involve us in consolidating the use of Welsh in our day-to-day work.

Welsh Language Policy


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