Equality & Diversity

Our aim is to build an organisation where everyone can achieve their potential.

Antur Teifi is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives available in a multi-ethnic society, and where people feel they are respected and valued. We adhere to a policy which supports us in our efforts to achieve a working environment where all are treated fairly and with respect.

The company’s Diversity Champion Network plays a vital role in this work by facilitating both a positive working environment and service delivery for clients and staff alike. Antur Teifi is seeking to become an exemplar organisation in terms of Equality and Diversity.

We are very clear on the business benefits of having a proactive attitude towards equality and diversity.  As an organisation we believe that drawing on a wide range of experiences contributes new ideas and approaches.  This is turn creates an inclusive and creative environment which gives the business a competitive advantage.

Click here to download our power point presentation which outlines the benefits of acknowledging and identifying the benefits of employing a diverse workforce.


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