Method of Working


As an employer we recognise that our employees are our greatest asset.

We see on a daily basis some truly inspiring and innovative business ideas coming through.

We want our staff to be just as inspiring and innovative and successful.

Our aim is to ensure that the right recruitment and induction processes are in place in order that all new employees become effective and confident in their role and become part of the team within a short space of time

It is also important to us that we make the best possible use of the considerable talent that exists within our workforce as well encouraging staff to acquire new skills.  In order to achieve this we have in place a learning and development plan which is supported by a well- structured appraisal process.

We also make some of the skills that exist within the business available to organisations within the Teifi Valley and surrounding areas as part of our community benefits programme.


Clients We work in the world of “can do” in order to help businesses succeed As a company working in the field of business improvement, enterprise and entrepreneurship we seek to measure the impact of all our programmes of activity in order to continually offer the best support possible to our clients. Key Performance Indicators include:
  • The impact of our service on businesses
  • The performance of our Public Sector contracts
We work with our customers to identify their key issues and offer guidance and solutions to any issues which may be impairing on their ability to grow their business.  This will include referring clients to external services or Government contracts that may also be delivered by our team within Antur Teifi.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Our management systems are designed to promote excellence and prevent errors.

We are committed to a quality policy that will ensure that the Company is recognised as a market leader in respect of the quality of services we provide.

The policy of the Company is to develop and organise its systems of management in such a way that they comply with the relevant requirements of ISO9001 which is a certified quality management system (QMS) for organisations who want to prove their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers and other relevant stakeholders.  This includes fulfilling the requirements set out in our Environmental and Sustainable Policy and the Security Policy.

A policy for continual improvement is in place and quality objectives set throughout the company.  These together with this Quality Policy are reviewed regularly.

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